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Export-Import Training

Benefit of This Training

After completion of this specially designed capsule course, you would be able to establish your own Export or Import Business with ease by enhancing your own skill set. you will have the clear understanding on various flows of International Trade that you need to know before the startup.

What you will Get

  • Free Assistance for Website and Digital Marketing
  • Free Latest updates on Export Import
  • Free Hard Copy of all Documents and Materials
  • Free Soft Copy of all Documents and Materials in CD
  • Free Exporter Importer (Buyers) Data in CD
  • Life Time support
  • Job Assistance
  • Accommodation for outsiders in twin sharing basis
  • Free Pen, Notepad, Folder, Networking Lunch, Tea, Coffee and Snacks
  • Practical Training Certificate in Import Export Management

Topics to be covered in 4 days workshop

Module 1 : Introduction

  •  Welcome aboard and introduction session
  •  What is Export and Import
  •  History of foreign trade in India
  •  Growth in international trade
  •  Government schemes to promote export in India
  •  India’s contribution towards the export – Yearly wise
  • Commodities export and import by India to other countries

Module 2 : Foreign Trade Policies / FTP

  •  What is foreign trade policy or FTP and how it works
  •  FTP policies for exporter
  •  FTP policies for importer
  •  Regulations of foreign trade policy

Module 3 : Quote To Cash / QTC

  • What is Quote to Cash process 
  •  How Quote to Cash process works
  •  Different segment in quote to cash process
  • How QTC process helps in Export business

Module 4 : International Marketing & Selecting Products

  •  What is international marketing 
  •  Types of international marketing
  •  How to select the right product for export
  •  Selection of products and market globally
  •  How to do the perfect market research
  •  Understanding the need of overseas clients
  •  Approaching the correct client for your product
  •  Most frequent inquiries by the international clients

Module 5 : How to Find Buyer ***

  •  Identify the Genuine Buyers
  •  Difference between domestic and international buyer
  •  Who will buy from you?
  •  Why will clients buy from you?
  •  How to approach and followup with buyers
  •  Best strategies on finding overseas buyers
  •  Different source on finding buyers
  •  Roles of Indian Embassy on international trade
  •  How to approach the Indian Embassy for export and import
  •  How to approach the Trade Agents
  •  How to build the rapport with the overseas clients
  •  Benefits of direct marketing
  •  Benefits of Trade fairs and Exhibitions
  •  Different approaches to find the correct buyer
  •  How to generate the leads
  •  Different sources to get the buyers data

Module 6 : Shipping Logistics & Custom House Agent (CHA)

  • Multi modal Transportation 
  • Different modes of international transportation
  •  Multiple types of Shipping Line / Airline and Forwarder
  •  What is transshipment
  •  What is partial shipment
  •  Different types of container
  •  Types of Vessel or Ships
  •  CHA – Custom House Agent roles and responsibilities
  •  Roles & Responsibility of Freight Forwarder
  •  Different ports in India
  •  Formalities in ports
  •  How to do the freight calculation – FCL / LCL
  •  Ocean Carrier, Air Carrier, Truck & Rail
  •  Procedure includes for custom clearance 
  •  Different types of packaging as per the client demands

Module 7 : Establishing your own Export Import Business

  •  How to select the organization or firm name
  •  Create your own Brand
  •  Approval needed for the firm name
  •  Registrations needed for establishing your own international business
  •  Opening of bank account
  •  Roles of DGFT. (Director General of Foreign Trade)
  •  Roles of EPC (Export Promotion Council)
  •  Roles of International Chamber of Commerce & Inter Country Chamber of Commerce
  •  How to get the government benefit for promote your business globally 
  •  E-commerce registration and benefits
  • Importance & Procedure tissue RCMC – Registration Cum Membership Certificate 

Module 8 : Documentation & Pricing

  • Pre-Shipment Procedure and Documentation
  • Post-Shipment Procedure and Documentation
  • RCMC
  • How to make quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • E-BRC
  • Health/ Veterinary/ Sanitary Certification
  • Fumigation Certificate
  • Bill of exchange / Sight Draft
  • Packing list
  • Advance cargo declaration
  • Use of Bill of lading (CHA to Exporter)
  • What is Measurement copy (CHA to Exporter)
  • How to prepare Commercial Invoice
  • What is Packing List
  • What is Shipping Bill where we use it
  • Importance of Airway Bill
  • What is Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin (COO)
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Third Party Inspection
  • What is Pricing?
  • How to calculate Price
  • How to calculate transport cost
  • How to calculate custom charges
  • How to calculate shipping charges
  • How to add extra charges
  • How to calculate Import duty

Module 9 : Banking & Payment Terms

  • Different types of payment terms for International Trade
  • What is Telegraphic Transfer and Swift
  • Piggybacking & Venture Capitals.
  • What is ‘Document Against Payment’
  • What is ‘Document Against Acceptance’
  • Introduction on ‘Letter of Credit’
  • Types of Letter of Credit
  • AD Code registration
  • EEFC – Exchange Earner’s Foreign Currency
  • PCFC – Pre-Shipment Credit in Foreign Currency
  • RBI rules for Exporter & Importer
  • Banking export cycle

Module 10 : Government Benefits & Incentive for Exporters

  • MEIS – Merchandise Exports from India Scheme
  • SEIS – Service Export from India Scheme
  • Duty Drawback- DBK
  • Free Trade Agreement
  • Advance Authorization Scheme
  • EPCG – Export Promotion Capital Goods
  • Advance Licences
  • MDA, MAI & other schemes
  • Make in India & Skill India

Module 11 : Risk Management & Export-Import Finance

  • What is Third Party Verification
  • What is ECGC and types of coverage policies
  • Finance risk covered by ECGC policy
  • Selection of proper currency
  • What is CC / PCFC
  • Roles & Responsibilities of debt recovery agencies 

Module 12 : Digital Marketing and Business Writing Skills

  • Assistance on creating website
  • Ideas on creating attractive pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & many more for your business
  • Assistance on online and offline marketing
  • B2B and B2C concept
  • How to post your Ideas
  • How to reach the buyer’s hub 
  • How to generate the buyer’s data
  • What is Communication Skill
  • Importance of Communication Skill in International Trade
  • Factor involve for good communication
  • Business writing skill
  • Mail to Embassy
  • Mail to client for the order
  • How to follow up with the clients

Module 13 : Q&A Session & Convocation

  • Summarize Previous Sessions
  • Question & Answer Session 
  • Export-Import Cycle
  • Convocation

''We Wish Your Success''